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proposes to its members to work the personal expression in the field of theatrical art. You have the opportunity to choose the race that suits you, improvisation , play, video, all levels, all ages. You can also come and elaborate your skits. Our association encourages creativity, listening, sharing and sharing as well as ideas. It is through practice and repetition that you will see an improvement in self-confidence, listening to others while having fun.


- Improvisation sketches at the Sainte-Musse hospital in Toulon for long-term hospitalized children

In 2013, OREE presented its plays:

- "The blue bird and the rag doll" and "The witch of the cupboard with the brooms" of Gripari
in the cultural center of Bandol, room Marcel Pagnol, on April 24, 2013 with 14:15

- "Bucket and Street" for the festival "Cartables on stage" at the Galli Theater in Sanary-sur-Mer, May 14, 2013

- "One Male Can Hide Another" by Claude Courtiller
at the Sanary Multimedia Library, Marie Mauron Room May 25, 2013

- "The Trojan War Will Not Take Place" Jean Giraudoux
at the library of Sanary, dining Marie Mauron in the June 1, 2013






L'OREE a présenté en 2014 la pièce de théâtre :

- "Le Petit Prince" de Saint-Exupéry

L'OREE a présenté en 2015 ses pièces de théâtre :

- "La grammaire est une chanson douce" d'E. Orsena le samedi 30 mai au théâtre du petit Galli
(pièce jouée par les enfants)

-"Thé à la menthe ou t'es citron ?" de P. Haudecoeur le samedi 30 mai au théâtre du petit Galli (pièce jouée par le groupe adultes)

L'OREE a présenté en 2016 les pièces de théâtre :

- Impro adolescents et adultes au théâtre Marcel Pagnol de Bandol et "Vice Versa" par le groupe enfants

The OREE presented in 2017 the plays:

THE GRINCH and TOC TOC of Laurent Baffie with the Troop of the Aspitrerie, at the Casino JOA of La Seyne-sur-Mer, July 2, 2017

Information and reservations: Esther 06 28 07 77 66

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Association law 1 July 1901 No. W832005430, May 5, 2010, Prefecture of Var